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  • Children, newborn to age 4, are most often burned in the kitchen. Bathrooms are the second most dangerous areas for children.
  • Scalding liquids are the leading cause of accidental death in the home for children from birth to age 4.
  • From ages 5 to 74, burn accidents most frequently happen outside the home. Kitchens are the second most dangerous area to this age group.
  • Burns and fires are the leading cause of accidental death in the home for children 14 years old and younger.
  • After the age of 60, the risk of a burn injury is greater than at any other time in ones life since childhood. The average size of the burn is larger for this age group than for any other age group.
  • From the age of 75 and older, kitchens are where most burn accidents happen. Outdoor fire accidents are the second most dangerous area.
  • Burn accidents for older adults are typically from flames or being scalded with a liquid, lighting a trash fire or a furnace, bathing, or falling asleep while smoking.
In the United States, there are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries reported each year, according to the Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation, May/June 1992.

  • Approximately 65,000 of people with burn injuries require medical assistance each year.
  • Hospitalization is required by 75,000 burn injury victims annually.
  • Of those who are hospitalized, 20,000 burn injury victims have burns covering at least 25% of their bodies.
  • Between 8,000 and 12,000 people die each year from the burns they received.
  • Approximately 1 million people sustain substantial and permanent disabilities from burn injuries annually.
Burn injuries can happen anywhere: in the home, at work, or on the road. They are frequently caused by carelessness, negligence, or defective products.

Though there are many types of burn injuries, common causes include:

  • Scalding Hot Water: the leading cause of burns by a liquid.
  • Smoke Inhalation: the lungs can be burned by the heat from the flames or by breathing in hot air, which contains poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • Radiation Burns: from being over-exposed to X-rays, including CT scans.
  • Electrical Burns:  from being exposed to high volts of electricity from electric lines, outlets, electrical cords, or batteries.
  • Propane Gas Explosions: from leaks, defective products, or from products being badly installed.
  • Chemical Burns: some of the most serious and damaging types of burns. They can be caused by such industrial chemicals as acids, alkali, silver nitrate, lye, and lime. Household products, including some cleaning products, drain products, and fertilizers, also may cause burns.
  • Vehicle Explosions: are often caused by faulty equipment, leaks, electrical malfunctions. These are particularly dangerous as they can be fueled by gasoline leaks. Vehicle explosions also may occur while you are working on a vehicle or because of a collision.
  • Fire: one out of every 13 structure fires are set by children. In fact, one-third of all preschool child deaths by fire are caused by children playing with fire.
Burn injuries are considered the most expensive serious personal injuries to treat.

It is estimated that initial hospitalization and doctors’ fees will cost a burn patient more than $200,000. That sum does not even take into account the expense for repeat hospital admissions for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation.

Recovering from a serious burn injury means months, sometimes years, of not being able to work.

Justice for Victims of Burn Injuries
Bill Newkirk of The Law Offices of William H. Newkirk is experienced in getting justice for victims of burn injuries.
Bill Newkirk has a deep understanding of the law, medical issues, and product liability matters that may effect your case.

All of these elements are critical to ensure that all those responsible for your burn injuries compensate you for your life-altering injuries or for the wrongful death of a family member.

Free Consultation with an Attorney
It is important that you or a family member contact Bill Newkirk at The Law Offices of William H. Newkirk as soon as possible.

The law imposes statutes of limitations (deadlines) on how long you have to bring lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you give up your rights forever of bringing a lawsuit against the wrongdoer.

The Law Offices of William H. Newkirk typically takes burn injury cases on a contingency basis. This means you pay no fees until your lawsuit is resolved.



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